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Empirelion - Sports in The Life

Empirelion, Inherit noble, honest, classic and romantic lion spirit, and convey the attitude of sports in the life.


The brand logo comes from the circular reflection image composed of the letters EL, which not only means the movement, but also tells about the noble lineage and gentlemanly demeanor of the imperial lion.

Based on the principles of healthy, functional, sports and leisure design style and fine process quality, Empirelion adheres to the simple and fashionable design route. Through the perfect expression of perceptual tone and rational elements, it can not only meet the urban life of urban elites, but also make people feel comfortable and natural life, reflecting the noble temperament of urban sports people.


Empirelion is committed to select high-quality fabrics, professional design and production team, and integrate cutting-edge technology into product development, only to create perfect and trustworthy exquisite products. Adhering to the core of corporate culture lion spirit values - high quality, exquisite, and rigorous production process. Therefore, Empirelion has stridden across the world, strictly selected fashion design talents and product production partners, and constantly surpassed itself in the challenges. Pursuing quality, focusing on details, excellent workmanship and exquisite design is the eternal belief of inspirelion.


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