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Casual Sports Wear Manufacturer

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We provide high-performance sportswear for brands such as cycling, running, outdoor, marine, skiing, gym and fitness. We provide sustainable options for environmentally conscious customers who want to produce recycled polyester or sustainable sportswear.


Established in 2001, we have cooperated with more than 250 global sportswear brands and start-ups to create the best sportswear in the world.


Looking for a sportswear designer? Need a sportswear factory to come up with your ideas? Looking for sustainable sportswear? Want to create a sportswear brand? Since 2001, EMPIRELION sportswear has been a leading supplier of high-performance sports and sportswear apparel for sportswear brands and start-ups around the world.


Every customer is regarded as our first customer. We use the knowledge gathered in the past 21 years to listen to our customers' goals, brand status and route to market. Break this down, and then we will meet the brief requirements as required and create unique and exclusive designs.


Over the years, based on our experience, our services have continued to grow, and we can provide customers with complete turnkey solutions-from concept to product delivery, as well as marketing support.



We have cooperated with many start-up brands. These start-up brands have good ideas, but lack the experience of how to create a brand, design products, purchase and produce or bring products to the market. We provide the support needed by these startups, including brand creation, logos, decoration, product design, prototypes, sales samples, production, and transportation.


We have invested in the establishment of our own high-performance sportswear factory, which allows us to complete customer orders based on quality, price, service and technical capabilities. We cooperate with leading performance sportswear brands and use the latest manufacturing technologies, materials and components to provide services for top innovative clothing, until entry-level customers pay more attention to price without compromising quality.


Our strategy is simple-"If we produce the best sportswear for our customers at a competitive price, then they will succeed. If they succeed, they will come back for more and everyone will win.



AND DON'T HAVE THE TECHNICAL DETAILS YET? DON'T WORRY, WE HAVE IT COVERED. Contact us to get a FREE QUOTE and tell us about your plans.


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