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How do men match winter jackets in winter?

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Many men are very conflicted when shopping, what kind of clothing suits them, what kind of clothing is more attractive, dressing is a kind of knowledge, and matching is a kind of wisdom. The most entangled thing for many men is how to match. There are not many styles of men's jackets in winter, but there is not much collocation knowledge.

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  • How to maintain a winter jacket

  • According to different wearing occasions, how many types of men's winter jackets can be divided

  • How do men match winter jackets

How to maintain a winter jacket?

Generally, it is advisable to apply oil once a year before wearing in winter and when collecting in spring. Before oiling, wipe off the dust on the surface of the winter jacket with a wet towel. After the moisture is released, brush it with a brush or plastic foam from top to bottom. Do not brush back and forth and repeat the brush. Then use this method to remove the leather jacket. Apply the oil evenly. For a leather jacket, use a bottle or tube of 80g jacket oil. Since cowhide, sheepskin, and pigskin are mainly composed of protein, they are all prone to moisture, mildew, and insects. For this reason, when wearing a winter jacket, avoid contact with oily, acidic, and alkaline substances.

According to different wearing occasions, how many types of men's winter jackets can be divided?

1. Lapel winter jacket. Also called Harley motorcycle jacket, rock jacket. The neckline is the key design link, and the large lapel with the zipper makes it unique. The combination of high-quality lamb hair inside the jacket and textured leather fabric on the outside can not only keep warm but also meet the needs of playing cool. The shoulders are slightly larger with two thick fur collars, which can widen the proportion of the upper body and create an inverted triangle visual sense. An elegant fine-knit high-neck sweater, it combines male hormones and a gentleman's demeanor. Paired with a single product with a scarf that keeps warm, it makes the whole image more healing.

2. Aviator winter jacket. The jacket in the memory is personality, unruly, passion, and vitality. In the middle of World War II, due to the high price of leather bomber jackets, the U.S. military decided to replace them with cheap cloth materials, thus establishing the irreplaceable status of flight jackets. The most popular one should be the MA1 bomber jacket, with green as the main color, which has become a key design item for major brands in autumn and winter. The collision between the flight jacket and the sweater is classic in matching, calm, comfortable, and not too ostentatious.

3. Racing winter jacket. The quilted design on the zipper and shoulders is full of sense, and compared with the M1-military style, the image is more vivid and prominent. The color of the whole body echoes and matches, highlighting the overall harmony, and accessories such as sunglasses and small scarves can even highlight the unruly and uninhibited image of men.

How do men match winter jackets?

In the cold autumn and winter, wearing a wind-resistant, warm, and comfortable winter jacket is not only comfortable but also very warm. It is one of the ideal warm jackets. Match it with shirts and T-shirts to look thin and fashionable. Put it inside the coat, the layers are distinct, keep warm without being too bloated.

Don't think that winter jackets can only be used as warm jackets. The zippered leather jackets with a soft texture and tailored fit can even be put inside the coat, and it's best to have a short stand-up collar design, which will not bring bloatedness while increasing the matching layer. sense. At the same time, the lower body is matched with washed jeans with curved edges, which adds a touch of fashion.

The dazzling color motorcycle winter jacket with detachable hood PU leather jacket, handsome and cool, with ripped nostalgic denim trousers, simple and stylish. It can also be matched with bright cardigans, ties, etc. So that it can become a bright spot without losing stability.

The hearty and handsome casual ultra-thin goat winter jacket is simple. It is made of ultra-thin goat leather. The leather is light and stylish. It will not feel heavy and keep warm when worn. Two-line high-quality copper tooth zipper pockets are stylish and handsome, with a perfect combination of decoration and usability. Such a warm and comfortable leather jacket for men is an ideal choice for you in autumn and winter. Whether in the field or the office, you can wear it to show an elegant gentleman's appearance. It is not as bloated as a down jacket or as thin as a suit. In short, it is an ideal choice for men in winter.

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