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Analysis of women's winter jackets collocation

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The upright effect and tough texture brought by the women's winter jacket make the fashion industry have a soft spot for it. Women's winter jackets are simple and classic. If it is properly maintained, there will be no problem wearing it for more than ten years. As for whether to match handsome pants or feminine skirts, the decision rests with you.

Special attention is that the women's winter jacket does not need to be zippered, and the matching jeans can be rolled up, which will look very relaxed and casual.

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  • How to choose a jacket?

  • How to match women's winter jackets?

  • How women choose jackets in winter?

How to choose a jacket?

The winter jacket originated from the Nordic and Eskimo national costumes. The first winter jackets were made of leather, but later jackets became more and more popular. Common winter jacket styles are loose bat-sleeve winter jackets, battle-weary winter jackets, winter jackets with inlaid accessories, winter safari jackets, winter jackets for aviators, winter jackets for athletes, etc.

No matter what style of winter jacket, the outline of the shoulders should be appropriate. After matching the top and bottom clothes, it should give people a "T" font that is wide and narrow at the bottom, showing a chic and slender beauty.

How to match women's winter jackets?

A black winter jacket on the upper body can make a 20-year-old girl look too sophisticated. Matching with colorful leggings makes the overall color brighter, and the women's winter jacket is mixed with soft chiffon to create a soft and strong freshness.

The black winter jacket women's clothing makes 30-year-old women look tough and feminine. Match the blue dress to add elegance, and then use leather short boots to set off the toughness of the winter jacket to achieve an echoing effect.

Women's winter jackets are too young for a 40-year-old woman if they are paired with simple dresses such as turtleneck sweaters and slim pants. Will make the overall style more casual.

How women choose jackets in winter?

Choose short winter jackets, short winter jackets, and high-waisted trousers, which are very tall and suitable for short girls. Choose a windbreaker-style winter jacket, which is relatively cold in winter, and choose a windbreaker-style winter jacket, which has a good thermal insulation effect and will not appear bloated in cold weather.

Choose a dark winter jacket, wear a dark winter jacket on the upper body, and light-colored trousers on the lower body, so that the matching will highlight the upper body jacket and the effect is good. Choose a self-cultivation winter jacket, you can choose a winter jacket that fits tightly on the body, with a zipper, for a girl of good figure, this kind of clothes will be more sexy and slim. Choose a winter jacket with a belt. Such a winter jacket has an excellent self-cultivation effect. For girls who are not perfect in the figure, wearing such a winter jacket can play a good role in modifying the body.

Nowadays, winter jackets have been well developed, with a wide range of sales, gradually tending to unify international standards. Therefore, different consumers will choose different winter jacket styles. Whether it is an ordinary warm winter jacket or a winter jacket for important occasions. Whether it is used for life or work, winter jackets are the best choice for jackets.


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