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  • The clothing style and model

    The model of the clothing refers to the outer contour of the clothing worn on the body, generally there are A, X, O, T, H, V and other types.Type A: Generally, the basic features of upper garments and jackets with waist or without waist and wide hem are basic features. Tops are generally fitted with

  • What is the international standard color difference range?

    The difference in light and shade and hue in the allowable range of normal chromatic aberration can be called "chromatic aberration". The traditional chromatic aberration evaluation method is to rely on the naked eye to observe directly, but due to the difference in observation conditions and the ab

  • Outdoor sports are not susceptible to COVID-19?

    With the increase in community cases, Many people wear masks during strenuous exercise outdoors.Experts say: There is no evidence to show the infection in outdoor sports.Outdoors are more ventilated and droplets are not easy to spread.Wearing a mask may bring other risks! Experts said: “For people w

  • For clothing waterproof and environmental protection

    Water resistance is one of the basic characteristics of sporting goods, but how to make waterproof lasting has little impact on the environment.In the past years, waterproofing of outdoor products has been mainly achieved through perfluorinated chemicals, but studies have found that these chemicals

  • Does your winter jacket suit you?

    Winter jackets come in long and short styles, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Winter jackets of different lengths, the complete degree to fashion is also different. But no matter what, a winter jacket is a must-have fashion item for the season. Then, let’s introduce more about

  • How to create different styles of winter jackets?

    To maximize the value of a piece of clothing is it to wear it vigorously? Of course, this is true, so we have to maximize the energy of matching. Then, let's take a look at how to match the winter jacket to look good.Here is the content list:How to wear a jacket to look good?How to create different

  • Do you know how to do better with a jacket?

    As a fashionable and handsome girl's winter jacket, how can the winter jacket be absent? Stiff tailoring, fabrics, and tough handsome style items can be stylish and handsome with different styles of clothing. So, do you know how to match a winter jacket well?Here is the content list:What is the orig

  • Do you have a good understanding of women's winter jackets?

    Women's clothing always has the most styles, which is dazzling, but among the overwhelmingly feminine or sexy or sweet feminine clothing, women's winter jackets have become a very unique scenery, which can often attract the attention of some innocent women. Here is the content list:What is the diffe

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