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Do you have a good understanding of women's winter jackets?

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Women's clothing always has the most styles, which is dazzling, but among the overwhelmingly feminine or sexy or sweet feminine clothing, women's winter jackets have become a very unique scenery, which can often attract the attention of some innocent women.


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  • What is the difference between a winter jacket and a sweater?

  • What are the characteristics of women's winter jackets?

  • How to choose a warm jacket in winter?

What is the difference between a winter jacket and a sweater?

First of all, the style is the biggest manifestation of the difference between winter jackets and sweaters. Jackets are a must-have artifact for fashion lovers. They are more neutral and more in line with the tastes of cool girls or wild men. Women's jackets and men's jackets The difference is huge. But sweaters are more casual, unisex, and there is often little difference between male and female styles, and even some tall girls choose men's sweaters to have a special flavor.

The jacket is the transliteration of an English jacket, which refers to a shirt with a short length, a loose bust, tight cuffs, and a tight hem. The difference between winter jackets and sweaters is also reflected in comfort. Winter jackets pay more attention to beauty, while sweaters pay more attention to the most primitive and basic demands of clothes comfort.

Sweatshirt comes from the English SWEATER statement, which is thick knitted sports clothes and long-sleeved sports casual shirts. The material is generally thicker than ordinary long-sleeved clothes. The cuffs are tight and elastic, and the material of the bottom of the clothes is the same as that of the cuffs.

Most people still think that wearing sweaters will make people feel more comfortable and relaxing, while winter jackets are more expressive and unruly. This is why people often choose sweaters when they go out for travel or exercise and go out for shopping or dating. This is the reason why the jacket is chosen for the dinner party. The different wearing occasions are also the difference between jackets and sweaters. Jackets are suitable for more formal occasions, and sweaters are suitable for casual and comfortable occasions.

What are the characteristics of women's winter jackets?

Let's take a look at the standard photos of the jacket first: short, loose bust, tight cuffs, tight hem, this is a sporty winter jacket. In fact, the English Jacket of the jacket itself has the meaning of short. It can be seen that the short style is the biggest feature of the jacket. However, the design of winter jackets has become more diverse in recent years, and the only constant is the extreme enthusiasm for it.

Leather winter jackets occupy an important place in winter jackets. The stiff and feminine design of the leather makes it uniquely attractive to women. Whether it's dark black, brown, bright yellow, or the increasingly popular white, you can always find the leather winter jacket you like. The jackets of other fabrics also have their uniqueness.

How to choose a warm jacket in winter?

You can keep warm in winter according to the three-layer dressing method.

Wearing the first layer directly in contact with the skin can drain the sweat from the body out of the clothing and keep the body dry. Such as quick-drying T-shirts and quick-drying shirts.

The second layer we usually call the "middle layer", worn outside the first layer of clothing, the fluffy structure can lock in more warm air while expelling moisture. Such as polar fleece, pullovers, down jackets.

The third layer is worn on the outermost jacket. Windproof, rainproof and breathable are its main features, such as rain jackets and jackets.

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