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Do you know how to do better with a jacket?

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As a fashionable and handsome girl's winter jacket, how can the winter jacket be absent? Stiff tailoring, fabrics, and tough handsome style items can be stylish and handsome with different styles of clothing. So, do you know how to match a winter jacket well?

Here is the content list:

  • What is the origin of the winter jacket?

  • How to clean a winter jacket?

  • How to match a winter jacket well?

What is the origin of the winter jacket?

Winter jackets are mostly zipper-opened jackets, but many people call some short-length, thicker, button-open shirts that can be worn as winter jackets. 

Winter jackets in the 15th century had bulged sleeves, but this type of sleeve is a kind of decoration. The arm does not pass through it but is pulled over the clothes. By the 16th century, men’s lower skirts were longer than Jack’s, tied up with belts to form pleats around the body. In the 20th century, the buttons of men's winter jackets from the stomach were opened, the cuffs were decorated with buttons and the hem The gathers are fastened to the upper part of the hips with buttons. At this time, women's tops also turned into well-fitting jackets, like the hunting suits used by women on horseback in the 18th century. This is a milestone step in the history of jacket development. Winter jackets have spread to all nations around the world at this time. However, as recorded in history, women really began to wear a large number of jackets after entering the 20th century.

How to clean a winter jacket?

1. First, prepare a basin of warm water, not too hot, and put an appropriate amount of washing powder in the water.

2. Put the winter jackets in it for 10 minutes and then start washing. Note that the dirty areas must be washed with a soft brush or an unused toothbrush, and the dirty areas should be brushed off.

3. Don't twist it after brushing it clean, just follow the lines of the winter jackets to build up the backlog. After that, use clean water to pass it over.

4. When cleaning for the second time, it's time for tips. Drop the vinegar into the water. The vinegar that you eat at home is fine. Soak the winter jackets for 5-10 minutes and rub it roughly.

How to match a winter jacket well?

Women's winter jackets collocation 1:

The brown-yellow ladies winter jackets, sleeve design, beautiful and generous, with a long gray bottoming shirt and a pair of black pantyhose, highlighting the new urban fashion of modern women.

Ladies winter jackets match 2:

The orange slim-fit woolen ladies winter jacket is close-fitting and natural, with a pure white high-neck bottoming shirt inside. The color is bright and the lower body is matched with a pair of light blue jeans. It is beautiful and stylish.

Ladies winter jackets match 3:

The dark blue hooded winter jackets is a small lady's jacket. The pants can be matched with black pencil pants or jeans. I think leather winter jackets are actually very good. It looks like a plaid shirt inside a jacket, which is very free. Take snowflake jeans and motorcycle boots below. If you are more accustomed to sweetness, it is recommended that you wear a lace or chiffon semi-short dress. It is also very popular now. The short coat and the inner dress can be floral, polka dot, or leopard print. It's okay. Wear boots or high heels below, absolutely joyful.

Ladies winter jackets match 4:

If it is a casual winter jackets, it is recommended to wear a white low-necked bottoming shirt. Knitted and cotton and linen clothes can be used as inner wear. Try not to use lace and other clothing.

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