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Does your winter jacket suit you?

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Winter jackets come in long and short styles, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Winter hoodie jackets of different lengths, the complete degree to fashion is also different. But no matter what, a winter jacket is a must-have fashion item for the season. Then, let’s introduce more about winter jackets.

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What length a should winter jacket be?

Should the winter jacket be tight or loose?

Does this winter jacket make you look fat?

What length should a winter jacket be?

The hem should hit right where your thumb and index finger meet so it covers your wrist completely and the bottom 1/4 of your hand. This length will help to ensure that your hands stay warm. Avoid winter jackets that have a shorter hemline than this. The most important thing about this length is that it doesn't make you feel too cold. After all, the main purpose of a winter jacket is to keep you warm. Winter jacket suppliers at the time of taking goods from the manufacturer, the same style will take a lot of sizes, if you are like a winter jacket, but its version is too short, you don't feel right, please try a bigger size winter jacket, although a bigger size is not the warmest winter jacket, it allows you to add another piece of clothing inside.

Should the winter jacket be tight or loose?

If the winter jacket you are wearing is too tight in certain parts of your body such as the armpit, the down or synthetic insulation may be compressed and have no space to spread out and retain its loftiness. Particles and materials making up the insulation inside your winter jacket are made up of multiple tiny pockets that trap air and create warmth. When these particles or materials are compressed, there is no open space for the pockets to accumulate air and create insulation. The loftiness of these particles and materials is where the insulation comes from so without it, you’re left feeling cold and uncomfortable. A winter jacket that is too tight can also impede your mobility. Get the winter jacket fit right and you get the comfort that goes with it.

Does this winter jacket make you look fat?

After a long, hot summer of living in shorts and tank tops, it’s understandable to feel like winter jackets add ten pounds to your appearance. By definition, winter coats are generally bulky and sometimes not the most flattering, but they are this way for a reason. A winter jacket fit is meant to keep you warm when the temperatures drop and you’re stuck outside braving the bone-chilling winds, not to perfectly hug your body like a glove. Find a winter jacket that you like and remember that they are meant to look big and bulky. Some styles are more fitted and have figure-shaping features such as drawcords at the waist but in general, they are bulky garments. You’ll get used to the look as the winter wears on so don’t worry. But the winter jacket suppliers will try their best to make you look thinner than other people wearing winter clothes.

Now you'll have a rough idea of whether those winter jackets you once had really worked for you. Of course, if you don't like it, you can still keep it until the winter jacket supplier has a new jacket for sale and you can look for one you like. If you are in the winter jacket business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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