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For clothing waterproof and environmental protection

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Water resistance is one of the basic characteristics of sporting goods, but how to make waterproof lasting has little impact on the environment.


In the past years, waterproofing of outdoor products has been mainly achieved through perfluorinated chemicals, but studies have found that these chemicals are difficult to decompose in the natural environment and will enter the water cycle again. They have even been found in polar glaciers as far as they can go.

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Many companies have switched from using carbon 8 waterproofing to carbon 6, which decomposes faster. But there is a problem. In essence, these short chains do not last long. In other words, their waterproof time is short.

When you see many outdoor clothing brands, let you choose some of its characteristics, we know that many people will say that its water resistance, water resistance, this is also the expectations of customers for your brand clothing, and we are also committed to its the combination of chemical properties and environmental responsibility. If let us choose the aspect that we are most concerned about, it is basically something like this.

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Based on this, many sports brand companies are advancing our new technology in stages to ensure that this new waterproof technology really works, and any substitutes used will not have a negative impact on the environment or have bioaccumulation.

The waterproof down technology that has emerged in the past two years is also studying how to defluorinate. Like the new HyperDry Eco insulation layer technology of the Feather and Down Alliance, many down products will also completely get rid of carbon 8 waterproof, but they are completely fluorine-free and environmentally friendly. The technology has not yet taken shape and is still trying to find it.

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What we need is to find a substitute for the current chemical substance, not to reduce its quality.

To accelerate this progress, functional chemicals company Beyond Surface Technologies invested US$1 million to support the development of high-performance textiles from natural raw materials, some of which are biologically based on DWR Midori Evopel.

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Finding better, cleaner and safer ways to do things, applying our own research and development results, and also looking for outstanding companies to cooperate with environmentally friendly products, may help our entire industry to promote chemistry without compromising functionality. Product safety has entered a new level.


New technology will definitely increase the functionality of the product, but at this stage, we can’t say too many details.


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