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How much do you know about winter jackets?

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Winter jackets are very classic clothes and can be worn in spring, autumn or winter. Especially in winter, winter jackets not only look more fashionable than quilted jackets and down jackets, but are also very resistant to wind. So how much do you know about winter jackets?

Here is the content list:

  • What is the difference between winter jacket suppliers and manufacturers?

  • How to clean and maintain winter jackets?

What is the difference between winter jacket suppliers and manufacturers?

1. Different meanings

The manufacturer, or "manufacturer", makes or purchases winter jackets by themselves or purchases them. After more automated machinery and production processes, they make winter jackets for sale. In addition to the function of manufacturing winter jackets, the relatively large-scale or brand-reputable winter jacket suppliers usually also engage in marketing and commodity circulation or import and export functions.

As the creator of branded products, the manufacturer is widely known and considered as the source and center of the channel. Successful manufacturers such as General Electric, General Motors, Sony, and Philips occupy a pivotal position in their distribution channels. But the fact is: Many manufacturers serving the industrial sector are not widely known, and not all manufacturers occupy a dominant position in their sales channels.

2. The degree of control over the produced products is different

Supplier: The company has the qualification and ability to independently produce and sell certain products, and is not restricted by any other individuals or companies. When a leather jacket supplier manufactures winter jackets, its output, quality, quantity, processing technology, and materials used in the product are all controlled by another company or individual. In addition, the winter jackets produced are not allowed to be sold without authorization.

3. Different responsibilities

The manufacturer is the person in charge and designer of winter jackets. There can only be one manufacturer for a product. However, a product can have different suppliers. The manufacturer is only responsible for the production and is not responsible for the product. That is to say, the winter jacket manufacturer is responsible for the quality control of winter jackets. In other words, there is a problem with the winter jacket, and the manufacturer is looking for it.

How to clean and maintain winter leather jackets?

In winter, many men like to wear leather jackets, which are very fashionable and stylish and have very good protection against the cold. Leather jackets are prone to scratches and leave marks when they are worn. How to clean and maintain leather jackets in winter?

Cleaning method: one is to apply it directly to the stained area of the hot kerchief for a while, and then gently wipe off the stain. Another is to recommend that you use a clean cotton cloth, dipped in alcohol to wipe the stained area, and be gentle when wiping.

Maintenance method: When there are stains or oil stains on the winter jacket, it is recommended that you wipe it gently with a clean kerchief. Do not use a brush to brush it, otherwise, it will damage the leather jacket. In addition, the leather jacket is recommended to be placed in a cool and ventilated place when it is aired, and do not expose it to the sun, otherwise, the leather jacket is easy to be cracked by the sun. At the same time, because winter jackets are made of animal skins, you must be careful when maintaining them, such as regularly using leather lightening agents to maintain winter jackets. This can also extend the life of the winter jacket. It is worth noting that, due to the particularity of the fabric, leather jackets are not dirty after a day of wearing them like other clothes. Leather jackets cannot be washed or machine washed. It is recommended that you use a kerchief to wipe off the stains. Finally, when ironing winter jackets, it is recommended to put a kerchief on top of the clothes, so that the steam will not directly contact the leather jacket, which protects the leather jacket to a certain extent.

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