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How to create different styles of winter jackets?

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To maximize the value of a piece of clothing is it to wear it vigorously? Of course, this is true, so we have to maximize the energy of matching. Then, let's take a look at how to match the thermal winter jacket to look good.

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  • How to wear a jacket to look good?

  • How to create different styles of jackets?

  • What to do if the jacket fades?

How to wear a jacket to look good?

Winter always comes to us quietly. When it comes to winter, I think of the thick down winter jacket that wraps the body like a snowball, and the best figure is buried in it. So why not put on a lightweight and fashionable winter jacket, it will make you no longer a "penguin".

Make sure it fits well. The armpits of the winter jackets should be close to your own armpits, but you should ensure that your arms can move freely after buttoning, not too loose, and the degree of relaxation should be just right.

Only deduct one. The coolest way to wear buttons is to only buckle the top button so that the underside of the winter jacket is open to reveal the belt or the clothes inside.

Don't be loose. Don't wear bulky things in tight winter jackets. It works best with tight-fitting T-shirts or slim-fit pullovers—or, choose a sturdy, comfortable, and soft pure wool or chemical fiber fabric for your winter jacket.

The top and bottom of the winter jackets are not necessarily the same color. For example, light-colored tops with dark skirts or trousers, waistcoats, and skirts can be matched according to the season.

How to create different styles of jackets?

Commuter clothes for work: winter jackets are matched with shirts and ties. Softness is the most important at this time. It can fit your body shape. The refined and slender feel is more business-oriented. The trousers should also choose a slim style.

Casual comfort school: Wear a soft winter jacket as a thick shirt, pair it with a warm knitted jacket, and let the warm sunshine on your body. This is how comfortable leisure time begins.

Holiday style family: winter jacket shirt + mesh knitted vest + shorts, with silk scarves, bracelets, and casual shoes. Put aside the various rules of the box, try some multi-level collocations, so that the moments that can completely release yourself will not be wasted.

In addition to cleverly matching winter jackets, you should also choose carefully when buying. Try to buy some winter jackets with soft fabrics, stand-up collars, or small round necks, so that you can be more casual and comfortable when matching clothes.

What to do if the jacket fades?

You can go to the store to buy a skin dye potion and apply it in accordance with the requirements of the product manual.In addition to frequently rubbing oil, waterproofing, sunscreen, and fireproofing, you can also dissolve 1 part of formaldehyde (concentration 30%) in 3 parts of water, and use this aqueous solution to paint.

After drying, apply shellac liquid (1 part shellac, 10 parts alcohol), so that the discoloration will be reduced.

The winter warm jacket is the best dress-up for the autumn and winter seasons. You can wear it with shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and sweaters to create different styles and temperaments. In addition, the stylish way to wear your winter jacket will also make your winter jacket shine. For example, only a button is buttoned and the way to wear it with the bottom open, such as matching with suitable sunglasses, will make your image instantly cool and stylish. If you are in the winter jacket business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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