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How to maintain winter jackets?

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In winter, of course, you have to wear a winter jacket, but they come in many different styles, for women, for men, for children, and even for pets. Where do many of the beautiful winter clothes come from, of course, the winter jacket factory? Winter jacket manufacturers release their newly created winter jackets every fall, hoping their creations will lead the way. However, winter jackets are hard to maintain, because it always priced than clothes in other seasons. Let's introduce more about winter jackets.

Here is the content list:

• What is the best material to make winter jackets

• Can winter jackets dry by dryers

• How does the down jacket fade

What is the best material to make winter jackets?

Down: A mixture of small feathers and down (also called down). The former is called feather and the latter is called velvet. The feathers of ducks and geese are used as flocculant for down jackets after being selected and washed. There are two kinds of down, the white is the best. The quality of the down winter jacket is related to the amount of down and the amount of down. Coated fabric selecting weft yarn density of fabric such as silk, cotton, polyester-cotton, the rolling pressure processing, narrowing the gap between the weft yarn, and then coated with polymer slurry, make and fabric to form chain transparent skin membrane layer, on the gap closed fabric warp/weft, in addition, phosphorus fluorine resin coating slurry or organosilicon waterproofing agent, make with dew velvet fabric, waterproof performance, make winter jackets more comfortable. In recent years, lacquered leather fabrics with bright faces appear on winter jackets again. Lacquered leather is coated with genuine leather or PU leather and is characterized by bright color, soft, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deform, and easy to clean and take care of. This kind of fabric with its bright, flirty, and unisex is very popular with fashionable young gens. Of course, it's all up to the winter jacket manufacturer to make the materials, and different materials make different styles of winter jackets.

Can winter jackets dry by dryers?

If the winter jacket is made down, the answer is no. A down winter jacket cannot be dehydrated in the washing machine because the down jacket is dehydrated in the washing machine and the down in the jacket will curl up in a ball. Now down jacket surface waterproof down winter jacket washing machine dehydration, air permeability is not good, the washing machine swing dry is easy because of the dehydration of the internal air generated to produce an explosion. In addition, the quality of the down jacket is relatively light, and the air permeability is poor. There is no sense of weight in the wet-down jacket. If the down winter jacket is dehydrated, expand the down jacket, squeeze out the water with your hands along the clothes, press dry, and then use water again. Winter jacket manufacturers usually put instructions on the clothes.

How does the down jacket fade?

Bright red or purple cotton winter jackets and knitwear can be washed by adding some regular vinegar to the wash water for a while. However, the amount of vinegar should not be too much, or it will easily stain light-colored clothes.

Washing your winter jackets at a reasonable rate will make them last longer. Remember not to over wash, as the heat retention will be reduced. If you are in the winter jackets business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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