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How to prevent winter jackets from being eaten?

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When you take out your winter jacket from last winter in a new season, you may find a few worm-eaten holes in it. This kind of clothes can no longer be worn and should be disposed of in time, but it will feel wasteful to throw away such an expensive winter jacket. Then, let's introduce more about how to avoid this situation happen, and protect your winter jackets.

Here is the content list:

• What bugs eat into winter jackets

• How to prevent down winter jacket worms

• What are the tools to prevent pests in winter jackets

What bugs eat into winter jackets?

Three species of carpet beetles look very similar (the black carpet beetle is the most common); the only difference being in their coloration pattern. Female carpet beetles lay around 100 soft, white eggs in concealed places that hatch in eight to fifteen days. They hatch more quickly in warmer weather. The eggs are laid on winter jackets, furniture, cracks in flooring, and, of course, carpet. These beetles typically produce four generations within a year. It is not the adult insect but the larva that feeds on fabric. It begins feeding as soon as the egg hatches and prefers natural fibers like wool, mohair, fur, and feathers. The larvae are most often discovered on fabric, but they can crawl from place to place and hide in any dark crevices including air ducts, closets, and behind baseboards when they are not feeding on your winter jackets. Winter jacket manufacturers are also worried about the bugs, especially when stockpiled winter jacket is stored in warehouses.

How to prevent down winter jacket worms?

It is recommended to dry clean the winter jacket if it has been worn for several months before storage. (Had better go to a professional dry cleaner to clean) air in the home next one or two days, ensure complete dry, lest mildewy living insect. As for the down jacket's metal sliding lock needs to be coated with a thin layer of wax, so as not to rust. Cover to protect clothing cover on its surface, as far as possible isolation space, put into clothes cupboard next, put two or three packets of a moisture-proof agent around. There is also a point to pay attention to, it is recommended that every 5 to 7 days, the winter jacket products out to air once, and gently pat with the hand or a wooden stick, the purpose is to go to the tide to increase the softness, prolong the wearing time. Some winter jacket manufacturers will give some suggestions in the instructions, remember to read carefully.

What are the tools to prevent pests in winter jackets?

Mothballs or lavender will do. The market has sold packaged clothes, winter jackets stored when you can put these things in the clothes together to store, to the sunny day when they idle out to bask in the clothes, scattered taste. 

If you find a moth-eaten hole in your winter jackets, separate it from the rest of your clothes and add lavender to the closet. It is important to keep the winter jackets in good condition as recommended by the winter jacket manufacturer and to make the best use of them. If you are in the winter jacket business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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