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How to store a winter jacket?

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Since the winter jacket was formed, the style evolution can be said to be varied. Different eras, different political and economic environments, different occasions, characters, ages, occupations, etc., have a great influence on the shape of the winter jacket. In the history of world clothing, winter jackets have developed to the present and have formed a very large family. If the winter jacket is divided into its use function, it can be roughly classified into three categories: winter jackets used as work clothes; winter jackets used as casual wear; winter jackets used as dresses. In modern life, the lightness and comfort of a winter jacket determine its vitality.

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  • How to store a winter jacket

  • How to clean a winter jacket

  • How to match a winter jacket

How to store a jacket?

For winter jackets, of course, it is better to hang them than to fold them up. It is troublesome to fold it up, and what is worse is that it will have creases or wrinkles. If the winter jackets are hung, they should be covered with greased paper or plastic paper to prevent flying insects, dust, and moisture. If they are hung in the closet, this effect can also be achieved. It should be noted that clothes that have been hung for a long time must be dried out every once in a while, such as once every half a month.

How to clean a jacket?

Winter jackets are generally not easy to wash unless the inner lining is particularly dirty or the clothes are moldy, and there are obvious stains on the outside of the leather, otherwise, it is generally not washed.

If the outer part of the leather winter jacket is contaminated by oil, we generally only clean the contaminated part, do not use ordinary detergents, generally use mild organic solvents, which will not damage the leather, such as gasoline, which can be dipped in a soft cloth Gasoline repeatedly scrubs the contaminated part until it is cleaned. If a winter jacket is a general pollutant, you can use a soft cloth dipped in a little to clean and scrub it.

Leather winter jackets need to be oiled for maintenance at a fixed time, usually once a year. If conditions permit, you can go to a special leather processing shop, of course, you can also handle it yourself. Use a soft cloth dipped in leather oil to clean and brighten the leather part of the leather winter jacket, and then dry it. Just do it.

How to match a jacket?

1. Sakura powder creates a fresh and romantic oxygen girl. The pink leather winter jacket can be cute and elegant. The hundred steel has become soft and soft. A refreshing touch keeps the bright in the dull autumn and winter. Matching with black and white is a good texture and simple. A laborious and fashionable look.

2. The winter jacket has always been popular with its coolness, and occasionally makes it look weaker, but it's actually not fun. The bat sleeves are naturally good at covering meat, and the loose-fitting version is thinner for anyone to wear. Even the cool winter jacket can have a sweet side. Looking at this well-matched pure plaid skirt, does it change the inherent impression of the winter jacket?

The development history of winter jackets reflects the progress and development of the world. The current winter jackets are more energetic and suitable for young people. The styles are more diverse. If you need to find high-quality winter jackets fabrics, remember to come to Jiangsu Empire International Co., Ltd.


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