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How to take care of the winter jacket?

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Today, I will tell you a must-have for men and trendy men, that is, a winter jacket and a shirt. Now, this season is a great time to wear this way, you must not miss this chance to be handsome. But do you know how to take care of the winter jacket?

Here is the content list:

  • How to wash the winter jacket

  • How to take care of the winter jacket

How to wash the winter jacket?

Only the outer surface of the leather winter jacket is cleaned, oiled, painted, polished, and maintained. The inner lining of the leather winter jacket is not included in the cleaning scope. If you need to clean the inner lining, you can only scrub as much as possible, but some oil stains and stains cannot be wiped off.

Suede leather, nubuck leather, suede leather, oily leather, and leather winter jackets are neatly washed, which are easier to absorb dirt and easily fade during washing. You can also simply spray the top layer with colorless oil if the coating is too thick, It will change the feel, and even cause cracks, which will change the original clothing style of the leather winter jacket and lose the sense of leather. This type of leather winter jacket will have varying degrees of light color, colored flowers, whitish abrasion, dirt, oil, and pigments after washing. Soiled leather is a special leather. Only colorless oil can be applied during the cleaning process, but no color correction. Therefore, if the shiny leather itself is stained, it cannot be covered after oiling. If there are oil stains, there will still be marks after cleaning.

How to take care of the winter jacket?

Leather winter jackets belong to the category of leather winter jackets. There are certain methods and skills for its maintenance, and there are some points to pay attention to. The details are as follows:

Unavailable inferior products

If you use poor maintenance products to maintain or clean, the simulated oil of the leather winter jacket will evaporate and lose. After the oil is lost, the leather will become hard, wrinkled, cracked, and peeled just like mud in a pond is not moistened with water.

Because the layers of lenticels are rich, they will be absorbed into the skin, destroying the simulating oil film of the soft dermis in the skin.

Not alkali washable

Leather cannot be washed with alkali. If it is washed with alkaline substances such as washing powder, it will wash off the leather simulation oil in the leather winter jacket, and the inner fibers will bond with each other and become hard, and it will also corrode the inner fibers and ammonia water. It is alkaline, the online coup using ammonia water is wrong.

Unusable alcohol

Alcohol will dissolve the leather paint, and when it enters the leather and volatilizes, it will also take away the leather simulation oil in the leather winter jacket and make the leather hard.

Banana peel

Wiping with banana peel violates the principle of leather care.


It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce winter jackets that meet the standards. Jiangsu Empire International Co., Ltd. conducts many tests on winter jackets before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the winter jacket business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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