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Introduction to a winter jacket

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Winter jackets are one of the fast-changing garments in the world. The winter jacket is comfortable, fit, natural, generous, and casual. It can be used not only as clothing for people's daily life but also as clothing for tourism and social activities. In particular, its multiple shapes, multiple styles, and changeable collars, shoulders, sleeves, waists, etc. can satisfy many different Tastes the needs of customers. Next, let us briefly introduce the winter jacket.

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  • Fabrics for winter jackets

  • Winter jacket styles

  • How to choose the right jacket

 Fabrics for winter jackets

The choice of a winter jacket depends on the style and the texture of the fabric. Winter jacket fabrics have a wide range of choices. High-end fabrics include natural leather wool, cowhide, horse skin, wool-polyester blended fabric, wool-cotton blended fabric, and advanced chemical fiber blended or purified fiber fabrics to be treated; medium and high-end fabrics have various medium lengths Fiber tweed, polyester-cotton rainproof poplin, nylon silk, TC poplin, rubber silk, imitation sheepskin, etc.; middle and low-end fabrics include viscose-cotton blended and pure cotton and other ordinary fabrics. Various styles of winter jackets are in line with the fabrics used. For example, the bat winter jackets are made of gorgeous and bright nylon silk or TC poplin fabrics, coupled with high-quality accessories and accessories, and the female looks graceful after wearing them. If it is a pre-safari suit, the quality of the clothing is required to be high, the appearance should be tight and flat, the texture is slightly thicker, and the anti-wrinkle performance is good.

Winter jacket styles

Common winter jacket styles are loose bat sleeve winter jacket, battle uniform winter jacket, winter jacket with inlaid accessories, the safari winter jacket and bomber winter jacket, athlete jacket, waiter winter jacket, Chanel winter jacket, Edward winter jacket, scarf collar shirt sleeve jacket, Turn-up shoulder winter jacket, etc. Regardless of the style of the winter jacket, the outline of the shoulders should be appropriate. After matching the top and bottom clothes, it should give people a "T" font that is wide and narrow at the bottom, showing a chic and slender beauty.

How to choose the right jacket

①Bulk-shaped customers should choose winter jackets with various striped decorative lines separated by vertical lines, which will give the wearer a sense of upright and beauty.

②Customers with a slender body shape should choose a winter jacket with a horizontal dividing line and a decorative line, which will give people a feeling of increased width.

③Young people, especially female youth, should choose winter jackets with diagonal lines and more decorations to give people a lively feeling.

④Young men and women of general body type can choose winter jackets that are divided by straight lines or decorated with a variety of geometric patterns.

⑤The fabric and color of the winter jacket's neckline and cuffs or cuffs and hem should be the same. Avoid three, three colors, or three kinds of fabrics, which will give people a messy feeling.

⑥The shape and color of various decorations or lines on the winter jacket, such as the shoulders, pockets, sleeves, and chest, must be matched to achieve the effect of lively and neat shape and beautiful coordination.

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the continuous improvement of people's material life, and the rapid development of clothing fabrics, winter jackets must be the same as other types of clothing styles and be active in the clothing life of all ethnic groups in the world with a more innovative attitude. If you are in the winter jacket business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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