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Requirements for the production winter jacket process

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In the process of producing winter jackets, it is necessary to use three-dimensional thinking to think in the process of making plates. It is also necessary to combine the structure of the human body. The two aspects are combined to make a model so that the model can be more in line with the human body. In addition, based on ensuring the effectiveness of the clothing, the rationality of the production process of the winter jacket must be considered, and the process can even be simplified to ensure that unnecessary procedures are reduced during the production of the winter jacket. Next, I will introduce you to several steps that should be paid attention to in winter jacket production.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the layout requirements for winter jacket production?

  • What are the tailoring requirements for winter jacket production?

  • What are the surface accessories and thread requirements?

What are the layout requirements for winter jacket production?

①The fabric of the winter jacket needs to be fully retracted for 48 hours before cutting.

②The spreading tension is the same, the cutting direction is the same, and the size of the cut garment piece must be within the tolerance range. The pockets of the winter jacket are straight and straight, and the pocket marking points should be accurate and small.

③Check the width of the fabric, and take out the model number and size required.

④Starting from the raw edges, leave a margin of 3cm on both sides according to the width and then draw the width of the winter jacket layout.

⑤In line with the principle of tight layout and saving materials, the best effect of the winter jacket will be discharged according to the procedure of preliminary layout first and finalization later.

⑥The style number, specifications, and fabric utilization rate should be marked at one end of the marker; each piece of the marker should be marked with the specifications and the name of the cut piece.

What are the tailoring requirements for winter jacket production?

①Save the fabrics used in the production of winter jackets, the patterns are arranged closely together, and the utilization rate of the fabrics is maximized;

②Pay attention to the direction of the thread, the arrangement direction of the pattern should be consistent with the direction required by the process, and one layout drawing is required for each bed cutting;

③The length and number of layers should be correct;

④The cloth edges should be aligned, and the way of spreading materials should be implemented according to the technological requirements of winter jacket production;

⑤The cloth surface is smooth, and the cloth is stretched without tension as much as possible;

⑥Pay attention to the removal of defective fabrics;

⑦Pay attention to the process requirements of the grid and the strip;

⑧The thickness of the paving material cannot exceed the maximum cutting height of the winter jacket cutting equipment.

What are the surface accessories and thread requirements?

Sewing thread of winter jacket fabric: It has the characteristics of strong strength, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, strong color fastness (no bleeding or dyeing of the color of the fabric), heat resistance, etc., such as filament twisted thread, core-spun thread, etc.

Upper thread: polyester-cotton contrast thread, 60*/3; bottom thread: polyester-cotton body thread, 60*/3, resin buttons. 

Fastening material (Mostly metal): Use metal snaps or rivets to fix, and zippers are mostly metal teeth, and the chain cards are exaggerated.

Signage: Used to convey various letters to customers. The logo of the winter jacket, the size label, and the washing label of each winter jacket.

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