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Should winter jackets be tight or loose?

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Warm winter fleece jackets come in a variety of styles. Like other trendy styles, consumers prefer not only fit but also tight and loose styles. This winter, the popularity of thermal winter fleece jackets pushed this kind of clothing to the public's field of vision. Whether to choose tight or loose windproof winter fleece coats has become a topic of debate.


Here is the content list:

  • What is the hotly debated winter fleece jackets?

  • Why does it look bulky to wear winter fleece jackets?

  • How to match winter fleece jackets correctly?


What is the hotly debated winter fleece jackets?

The wearing problem in the severe cold season has been plagued by outdoor sports interested people. Except for down products, wool products used to be traditional fabrics for climbers in the first half of the last century.

These materials have a certain degree of warmth when they are not damp, but they are also relatively bulky. Wearing them close to the body can make people itchy. Not to mention that when wool gets damp, it will suck heat away from the human body. In this case, winter fleece jackets came into being.

Simply put, winter fleece jackets are made from ultrafine chemical fibers into yarn, which will come through spinning, metal brushing, and shearing later. Today's winter fleece jackets are high-tech, high-performance fabrics, which are very warm and soft to the touch. They can absorb moisture through capillary action, and they can easily dry even if they are soaked.


Why does it look bulky to wear winter fleece jackets?

In addition to fluffy and tight types, winter fleece jackets are also divided into length and width and short. However, there are some winter fleece jackets that are too short. The too short fluffy winter fleece jackets are visually elongated a lot horizontally, which is indeed a bit bulky.

In this case, a too short polar fleece jacket is a test for a person's figure and temperament, and it is more laborious and laborious to match, so this kind of too short polar fleece jacket is not recommended. Some winter fleece jackets are more retro in color. If the match is unreasonable, it will look a little old-fashioned and it is difficult to show personal charm.

Successful matching of winter fleece jackets can show a person's personality and trend, but unsuccessful matching effect can easily disappoint. In actual wear, the upper body winter fleece jackets and lower body contrast color matching can be taken into consideration. If you want to have a contrast effect on the upper body, it is best to have a small area, so that you can have the main highlights.


How to match winter fleece jackets correctly?

The strong wind, cold, and waterproof performance of winter fleece jackets is the reason why they are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. In the past, the appearance of winter fleece jackets was simple, but now considering the beauty and fashion.

If you want to make winter fleece jackets look smart, it still takes a lot of effort. In fact, if winter fleece jackets can be properly matched, no matter loose or tight styles can play a very good effect.

  • Size

The size of a winter fleece jackets often determines the overall style. Because fluffy winter fleece jackets are used as winter outerwear, people generally wear more clothes inside. At this time, it is particularly important to ensure that the clothes fit.

If you choose tight-fitting winter fleece jackets, adding clothes to it is a bit bulky. However, if it is autumn when the temperature is not too cold, tight-fitting winter fleece jacket is also a good choice.

  • Color

For winter fleece jackets, the most common color should be black. Black and white are the most classic colors and the most versatile styles. In addition to the black and white winter fleece jackets, the intervention of bright colors can quickly increase the fashion of the overall match, and the unique and interesting shape can become a finishing touch to your overall look.

  • Internal collocation

In winter, the most common winter fleece jackets inside collocation should be shirts and hoodies. Using inside collocation can better prop up winter fleece jackets and make the overall shape more three-dimensional. At the same time, pay attention to the color combination of the inner and outer layers to form a distinct sense of hierarchy.


As long as you follow the above rules when choosing and matching windproof winter fleece coats, it is a very simple matter to dress it fashionable. Jiangsu Empire International Co., Ltd. can not only provide you with the most practical and beautiful thermal winter fleece jackets, but also provide advice and guidance for your fashion matching. Put on our warm winter fleece coats, the next fashion blogger is you.


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