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Tips for choosing a winter jacket

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Speaking of winter jackets, it is not difficult to think of young and Dangerous, motorcycle men or pilots, such as tough, wild, and unruly men. In fact, winter jackets can also be very elegant. winter jackets are presented in front of everyone with sophisticated styles, diverse fabrics, and rich and harmonious colors. The way they wear them is also updated. It is not surprising that you want wild and wild, gentlemen and gentlemen, and it is not surprising that a tie is matched with a winter jacket.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the types of men's winter jackets?

  • What is the specific sewing method of a winter jacket?

  • How to choose a winter jacket?

What are the types of men's winter jackets?

1. Quilted winter jacket

The short dark blue winter jacket with a small stand-up collar is simple and fashionable. The thin cotton is quilted without any weight. It is matched with plaid trousers to create a British style.

2. Casual winter jacket

A nylon winter jacket is a must-have item for business trips. It is soft and comfortable to wear and easy to carry. This winter jacket is quite creative, and the combination of warm colors seriously highlights the relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

3. Lapel Yanke

winter jackets with large lapels and zippers also have a military look. This can also be called a Harley motorcycle winter jacket. The neckline is an important part of the design. The concealed buckle or zipper device can be added with a warm fur collar at any time, and the collar can be erected or equipped according to needs. A scarf is windproof and warm.

4. Knight winter jacket

The racing winter jacket, which emphasizes the wide-shoulder waistline, uses a stand-up collar, mostly in bright colors, and the zipper and quilting on the shoulders are also very decorative. Compared with the heroic military uniform style, the image is more changeable.

What is the specific sewing method of a winter jacket?

First, sew the pocket of the winter jacket, the pocket is a single-sign pocket, the shoulder is a piece, and the upper surface is zippered. The seam head is 2 cm and the sleeves are slit so that the seam head does not leak out. Sew at the back of the hem. Press double open wires.

1. The collar is flat and straight, the two corners are long and short, and the difference between each other is not more than 0.2cm. And there is a nest position: no wrinkles, no bubbles, no anti-vomiting on the collar surface, suitable tightness of the collar surface, no anti-warping.

2. The sleeves are round and smooth, the front and rear are suitable, the left side is consistent, and the sleeve surface has no wrinkles or folds.

 3. The stitches of the parts are straight, neat, flat, firm, and suitable for tightness: the name parts must not have skipped stitches, and the open thread must not be broken.

How to choose a winter jacket?

To wear a winter jacket well, you must fully consider the length of the winter jacket. Generally, the ideal winter jacket length is shorter than the suit you usually wear. The winter jackets worn by most people are always too long. At the same time, the width of the winter jacket is determined by your figure. If you are tall and tall, then you can wear narrow or loose, with different aesthetics. If you are short in stature, you can choose a loose winter jacket to make up for your lack of stature. The winter jacket can be equipped with a shirt, a high-necked T-shirt, or a round-necked T-shirt. Some winter jackets can be worn on both sides, but they are easy to wear. Generally, you don't wear a tie when you wear a winter jacket, but when you wear a suit winter jacket or a loofah winter jacket, wear a shirt and a tie, and you can get an unexpected demeanor.

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