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Tips for matching winter jackets

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Since the formation of the winter jacket, the style evolution can be said to be varied. Different times, different, economics, different occasions, characters, ages, occupations, etc., have a great influence on the shape of the winter jacket. In the history of world clothing, winter jackets have developed into a very large family. How to match the winter jacket has also become an important issue. Next, I will introduce you to the winter jacket matching tips.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the matching principle of a down winter jacket?

  • What color does the outfit match?

  • What are the tips to pay attention to when matching winter jackets?

What is the matching principle of a down winter jacket?

Down winter jacket is a derivative of the winter jacket. It is made of duck down, goose down, or cotton. The down winter jacket has the following three characteristics:

1. Unique Asian version

According to the conclusions of Asian body statistics analysis, and fully consider the fit of the length, bust, shoulder seam, side seam winter jacket, waist, cuffs, hem, front and back neckline, front and back clamp position, and other parts of the body structure, the previous down winter jacket is improved. Based on the version design of European and American body shapes, a unique winter jacket version suitable for the Asian human body and aesthetics has been developed.

2. Perfect close distance

Using the most popular three-dimensional split cutting technology in the international fashion industry, it creates a perfect close-fitting distance of one finger width to show the body shape, fully reflects the excellent winter jacket body shape, and can maximize the preservation of body temperature airflow.

3. Cross-border material splicing

Light and dark windbreaker fabric close-color stitching, needle woven stitching, polyester and imitation leather stitching, wool and polyester jacquard fabric stitching, shoulder corduroy and sea tiger hair stitching in the hat, etc., the individual stitching of various materials and fabrics, Presenting the creative visual experience of diversified winter jackets, creating an extraordinary fashion in autumn and winter.

What color does the outfit match?

The color of the outer winter jacket should be as stable as possible, such as black, gray, navy blue, coffee, etc., because these colors can hold down the overall color of the winter jacket, and the matching inner clothing can be of the same color or side color. For example, you can choose blue-gray, green, blue, gray, and other sweaters for the navy blue winter jacket, and the black winter jacket is a better match. But in order not to make mistakes, it is best to use a uniform color system.

What are the tips to pay attention to when matching winter jackets?

1. Pay attention to the highlight of the sense of hierarchy

Mashups still have certain rules in them, and the main point is a sense of hierarchy. When wearing a short winter jacket, it can be matched with sweaters or sweaters. Do not match the clothes with too loose inside, too loose will affect the wearing effect of the outer winter jacket. Whether it is a double-breasted windbreaker winter jacket or a zippered motorcycle winter jacket, the inside of the sweater is longer than the outside, which greatly increases the layering of the waist. This way of dressing is more suitable for boys with slender figures.

2. The role of accessories

The importance of accessories and clothing collocation accounts for more than 40% because a good collocation often plays a key role in accessories.

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