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What is winter fleece jackets definition?

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Under the influence of the cold current, the weather tends to keep in a low temperature degree. To cater to the needs of people to keep away the cold and wind, many businesses have introduced windproof winter fleece coats. In order to enhance the attractiveness of products to consumers, the main selling point of thermal winter fleece jackets is usually its thermal performance. However, the definition of warm winter fleece coats does not only include this feature.


Here is the content list:

  • What kind of raw materials are used for winter fleece jackets?

  • What is the special resistance of winter fleece jackets?

  • How to keep up with the trend of winter fleece jackets?


What kind of raw materials are used for winter fleece jackets?

To put it simply, fleece is a functional fabric made of superfine chemical fibers, brushed with metal wire, and the surface is sheared by a machine. Although the processing technology of winter fleece jackets from different manufacturers is slightly different, the materials are all polyester fibers.

Its thermal insulation principle is to use hollow chemical fibers to contain sufficient air in a certain insulation layer to maximize heat preservation. Winter fleece jackets are widely favored by outdoor sportsmen. Before the advent of winter fleece jackets, fleece was used in the middle of sweat-wicking underwear and jackets to keep warm.

While keeping warm, winter fleece jackets are also breathable and quick-drying. They are lighter and have good ductility, so they are especially suitable for outdoor sports. In recent years, as sports-style and outdoor-style clothes have become popular, winter fleece jackets are often used as a trendy city match.


What is the special resistance of winter fleece jackets?

Polar fleece can form small spherical particles on the surface of winter fleece jackets, making winter fleece jackets very warm and soft to the touch, and can absorb moisture through capillary action, and it is easy to dry even when wet.

Of course, the windproof and waterproof performance of winter fleece jackets is also widely recognized. In addition to these characteristics, winter fleece jackets also have an important performance, that is, antistatic, which makes it particularly practical in winter.

As we all know, when the human body is moving, the friction between the skin and clothing, as well as between clothing and clothing, will generate static electricity. In winter, people prefer to wear fiber clothing, and the air is dry, the static charge will be absorbed by the body and accumulated.

In order to cope with this situation, the fabrics used in our winter fleece jackets are all treated with anti-static and humanized design, so that consumers can avoid static electricity in the dry air in autumn and winter.


How to keep up with the trend of winter fleece jackets?

The previous winter fleece jackets pay attention to practicality, so there are not so many tricks in terms of version and color. The loose design and old colors make it impossible to break away from the "rustic" image for a long time.

Nowadays, winter fleece jackets are more and more recognized by everyone, becoming one of the most common fabrics, and its patterns are more diverse. How to match winter fleece jackets to catch up with the trend, we give some suggestions.

  • Brighter color

For winter fleece jackets, to say goodbye to "rustic", the choice of brighter color is a very good way. For example, choose brighter colors such as fluorescent colors, pink, blue, etc.

If you reduce the saturation a little, it is easy to show a fashionable and young image. For example, using fluorescent green winter fleece jackets with caramel suit pants, or sky-matching blue and white winter fleece jackets, these will make you look youthful.

  • Short or over size

The well-regulated winter fleece jackets are a direct manifestation of the older generation's pursuit of practicality. Nowadays, the design of winter fleece jackets is diverse, so you don't have to stop at the fit design. Choose short winter fleece jackets that naturally outline the waistline or oversize long winter fleece jackets, you can easily create a good figure with a gold ratio.

  • Stitching design

The splicing crafts of fleece fabric can enrich the shape, improve the thermal performance, and can also keep the version of winter fleece jackets for a longer time, so it is very common in design. The different materials and colors greatly enrich the visual effects of winter fleece jackets.


Driven by the extreme cold weather this year, the popularity of warm winter fleece coats reaches its peak. Jiangsu Empire International Co., Ltd. follows the production philosophy of health and environmental protection, and provides customers with practical and fashionable windproof winter fleece coats. You can find thermal winter fleece jackets suitable for any age group on our website.


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