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What is winter jacket OEM service?

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The phenomenon of OEM winter jackets is more common in China. OEM can be understood as a trend of separation of production and sales under the environment of a large international division of labor.

But relatively speaking, although the foundry side avoids the distraction of many aspects of sales and can focus on the production of winter jacket orders, it cannot share the value of the brand.

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  • Significance of winter jacket OEM service

  • The difference between winter jacket OEM service manufacturers and brand manufacturers

  • Our company's winter jacket OEM service

Significance of winter jacket OEM service

The contractor of the winter jacket OEM service is still in a subordinate position in the international division of labor, and the profit margin is low. For example, in some outdated clothing factories, the passive profit of winter jackets is low, which actually sacrifices the rights and interests of most workers at the bottom.

The difference between winter jacket OEM service and ODM is that the core of the product is who owns the intellectual property rights. If the client has the intellectual property rights of the product, it is OEM, which is commonly known as "foundry."

The overall design carried out is ODM, commonly known as "OEM".

Our company can undertake a large number of orders for processing winter jackets, and our company also has its own winter jacket production line.

The difference between winter jacket OEM service manufacturers and brand manufacturers

OEM service production of winter jackets is very common. In our country, the overcapacity in clothing, shoes, and hats is the most typical. The competition between winter jacket OEM services is very fierce.

Most winter jackets brands at home and abroad do not have factories, production equipment, worker wage costs, and production and operation risks, but they can usually be obtained through their brand premium capabilities and the added value of winter clothing brands. Higher profits than OEM manufacturers.

For example, the retail price of a casual jacket or suit of a winter brand may be 800, a few thousand or even tens of thousands, but the factory price of the winter jacket manufacturer it entrusts may be only a few tens or a hundred yuan. Generally speaking, the public’s awareness of OEM clothing manufacturers is not high, and they have not even heard of it. Although the profits of similar OEM and winter jackets manufacturers in the entire industry chain are not high, and they are not well known to the public, they are not. It means that the quality of winter jackets and other products produced by OEM is not good.

Our company's winter jacket OEM service

The winter jacket produced by our company is a new frontier brand in China. A very popular brand in the Chinese market, initially only menswear, but after development, the winter jacket brand has successively launched womenswear, and later followed by a series of accessories and bags, with its excellent imitation effect and unruly brand style,

It has quickly become an eye-catching new trend brand in the winter jacket market and is sought after by many young people.

Today, Jiangsu Empire International Co., Ltd. has a wide range of sales and gradually tends to be in line with international standards. Therefore, different consumers will choose different winter clothing styles. Whether it is an ordinary warm winter jacket or a winter jacket for important occasions. Whether it is for life or work, our company's winter clothes are the best choice for jackets.


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