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What types of winter jackets are there?

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Winter jacket refers to the clothes worn on the outermost. The jacket is generally larger, mostly with long sleeves, and other clothes that can cover the upper body when worn, and generally play a role in keeping warm and windproof.

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  • How many types of winter coats can be divided according to their degree of warmth

  • What fabrics are available for winter jackets

  • What is the origin of the winter jacket manufacturer

How many types of winter coats can be divided according to their degree of warmth?

1. Down jacket

Down jackets are tops filled with down stuffing. The most common fillers in down jackets are goose down and duck down. They have good warmth retention and are suitable for wearing in cold weather.

2. Windbreaker

The windbreaker is a thin and windproof winter jacket. It originated from the military coat used on the western battlefield during the First World War. It is suitable for outings in spring, autumn, and winter. It has the characteristics of flexible and changeable shape, beautiful and practical, novel style, easy to carry, etc.

3. Leather clothing

Leather clothing is made of leather processed from animal skins through a specific process. Its main function is to prevent cold. The raw materials used in leather clothing include cowhide, sheepskin, snakeskin, fish skin, and other animal skins.

4. Fur

Fur refers to clothing made from animal fur, which has the function of keeping warm. Fur animals such as foxes, minks, raccoons, rex rabbits, cattle, and sheep are the main sources of fur raw materials.

5. Cotton jacket

A padded winter jacket is a kind of coat with strong warmth that is worn in winter. This kind of clothing has three layers. The outermost layer is called the face, which is mainly made of thicker fabrics with bright colors or patterns; the middle layer is cotton with strong warmth retention; the innermost layer is called lining, which is generally made of lighter fabrics.

What fabrics are available for winter jackets?

1. Polypropylene:

In the choice of sportswear materials, many people think that pure cotton clothes are comfortable and absorb sweat, but in fact, it is more appropriate to choose polypropylene with relatively good air permeability.

2. Pure cotton fabric:

Cotton fabrics will retain a little water after being washed and dried, which can prevent static electricity or sparks. Avoid wearing chemical fiber clothes with poor texture and easy to generate static electricity. If the outer fabric is made of chemical fiber fabric, you can use antistatic detergent to wash. When buying autumn and winter jackets, it is best to choose natural fabrics such as cotton.

3. Linen:

It is a fabric made of hemp, flax, ramie, jute, sisal, abaca, and other hemp plant fibers. Generally used to make casual wear and workwear. Its advantages are extremely high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, and good air permeability.

4. Wool fabric:

It has good resilience and good warmth retention. It is water-absorbent and can absorb water equivalent to one-third of its weight. Wool has fireproof and antistatic effects.

5. Wool blended fabrics:

That is cashmere, polyester, spandex, rabbit hair, and other fibers mixed with wool-woven fabrics. It has a good dyeing effect, and the fabric feels comfortable and soft.

What is the origin of the winter jacket manufacturer?

Jacket evolved from a short coat made of coarse cloth called Jack worn by men in the Middle Ages. Jack in the 15th century had bulged sleeves, but this type of sleeve is a kind of decoration. The arm does not pass through it but is pulled over the clothes. By the 16th century, men's lower skirts were longer than Jack's, tied with belts to form pleats around the body. In the 20th century, the buttons of men's jackets from the stomach were opened, the cuffs were decorated with buttons and the hem The pleated clothes are fastened to the upper part of the hips with buttons. Jacket manufacturers also emerged at this time. After 20 years of practice, jacket manufacturers in the world continue to emerge, and winter jacket manufacturers are also gradually emerging.

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