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What winter fleece jackets are in style?

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Warm winter fleece jackets made of unique fabrics have very strong wind resistance, which is very beneficial for athletes and enthusiasts who engage in various sports outdoors. In the winter of 2021, thermal winter fleece jackets become the latest international trend. In order to keep warm, but also for style, windproof winter fleece coats are a very good choice. If we treat it as a trendy item to keep up with fashionable bloggers, how should we match it?


Here is the content list:

  • Why does winter fleece jackets become so popular?

  • What are differences between innovative winter fleece jackets and traditional ones?

  • How do the fashionable styles of winter fleece jackets look?


Why does winter fleece jackets become so popular?

Polar fleece is a kind of synthetic fiber fabric. It was originally a new fabric imitating wool to replace the dominant position of wool in mountaineering clothing. Surprisingly, winter fleece jackets made of polar fleece are warmer and lighter than the best quality wool.

It perfectly compensates for the shortcomings of wool that is not easy to dry, and can still keep out the cold when it is damp. In the same environment, winter fleece jackets are twice as warm as wool jackets and three times stronger than cotton jackets.

As a result, winter fleece jackets quickly became a hot spot in the outdoor apparel industry. Winter fleece jackets were originally designed for skiing or mountaineering enthusiasts, but because they are too warm, they finally become daily choice of clothing to keep out the cold. Its powerful functionality coincides with the popularity of pragmatism in recent years.


What are differences between innovative winter fleece jackets and traditional ones?

With the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of quality, the market demand for light and warm fabrics continues to expand, and people have higher requirements for the comfort of apparel fabrics. As a polyester fabric, polar fleece is by far the most popular fleece product in the outdoor market.

Traditional polar fleece fabrics also have certain defects, such as poor moisture absorption and air permeability, poor dyeability, easy to generate static electricity, easy to stick to dust and so on.

After years of research and improvement, the new winter fleece jackets produced by our company have the characteristics of lightweight, warmth, breathable and moisture-permeable, soft to the touch, elegant gloss, high fluffy, and high stability.


How do the fashionable styles of winter fleece jackets look?

In today's increasingly cold season, winter fleece jacket is a rather suitable choice to take into account both warmth and fashion. Winter fleece jackets can not only get rid of the cold, but also can easily create a fashionable sense of movement after wearing, so that the overall body match will not appear too restrictive. The timeless wild winter fleece jackets can fully solve your troubles of changing seasons.

  • Soft material

In terms of material, winter fleece jackets are made of fleece fabric, which feels delicate to the touch. The inside feels soft and comfortable even if it is in direct contact with the skin. In this case, it can effectively help resist the intrusion of the morning cool breeze, and it has both warmth and comfort.

  • One-piece design

You can choose hooded winter fleece jackets, the classic one-piece design, which is easy to put on and take off, but also casual and versatile. Whether it is worn alone or as an inner wear, it can be easily worn with a cool style and a trendy feel.

  • Straight type

In order to be able to accommodate a variety of figures to the greatest extent, winter fleece jackets adopt a straight version. A slightly loose design can enhance the inclusiveness of winter fleece jackets to the figure. It is comfortable and casual to wear, and it is more generous and decent.

  • Details

For details, the cuffs are designed with elasticity. The cuffs with moderate elasticity can prevent enter of winds and will not feel restrained. The hooded drawstring of hooded winter fleece jackets can be embellished with decoration to show a neat appearance, or it can be tightened when the wind is strong to prevent the hood from being blown off.


Compared with traditional natural materials, polar fleece appears to be quite cost-effective, which also makes windproof winter fleece coats have the incomparable superiority of traditional jackets. The thermal winter fleece jackets of Jiangsu Empire International Co.,Ltd. have been very popular once they are launched and become one of our customers' favorite products. If you also want to experience the magic of warm winter fleece coats, welcome to consult our customer service regarding orders.


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